Prostate Health

Our doctors offer a complete evaluation for male symptoms of voiding frequency and urgency due to prostate enlargement and prostate infection.  A variety of medical therapies including flomax,  avodart, and uroxatral are available for obstructive symptoms. In-office proceedures to heat and  shrink the size of the prostate can be effective if medical therapy fails, including trans urethral needle ablation (TUNA) and microwave therapy  (TUMT). The gold standard of invasive treatment remains a partial resection of the prostate in the hospital, which may also be performed now with the green light laser during a short hospital stay.

Screening for prostate cancer has been controversial, but American Urological Association guidelines still recommend screening with a physical exam of the prostate and the PSA blood test. If indicated, prostate biopsy is performed in our office with local anesthesia.   Treatment for prostate cancer can include removal of the prostate with nerve sparing surgery to maintain potency.  Radiation is also effective either as a seed implant or external beam therapy.  Cryotherapy may be an option for older patients.

We are now proud to offer our patients the da Vinci robotic prostatectomy, and active surveillance (watchful waiting) is an option that is strongly considered for many. With this, we now offer our patients the full range of options for prostate cancer.